Friday, 24 October 2008

Greenspan's Testimony

The Wall St Journal carries the full text of Alan Greenspan's questioning of free market risk management

Greenspan Testimony

Letter from Jaffna

Newsweek reports that though the Sri Lankan Army is pushing back the Tamil Tigers there is still a long way to go before normality will return to the Northern city.

Letter from Jaffna

NSA Law unto itself

Newsweek reports the Congress is finding the National Security Agency's decision to classify a 'public' report galling.

NSA law unto itself

Al Qaeda on trial - in Saudi Arabia

The Economist reports on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's intention to try 991 terrorist suspects under Sharia law.

Saudi 991

European gas pressure builds

The Economist looks at the contest between Russia and Iran to supply the European Union with natural gas. Its a strategic Hobson's choice.

Gas Pressure

Friday, 17 October 2008

Spy vs Spy: NSA & Mossad

Ha'aretz's Yossi Melman reviews David Bamford's latest book on the US national Security Agency and his allegations that Israel is a dubious ally.


Vaclav Havel writes for the Jordan Times on the problem of water scarcity in the Middle East

Who is in charge in Poland?

Der Spiegel on the spats between Poland's President Lech Kaczynski and Prime Minister Donald Tusk,1518,584259,00.html

Ukraine has Kremlin tail twitching

Der Spiegel talks to Kremlin-aligned political strategist Vyacheslav Nikonov about the Russian view of Ukraine joining NATO,1518,584631,00.html

Khatami for 09 ?

Der Spiegel asks if the former Iranian President will stand in the 2009 elections,1518,584526,00.html

Victory of a sort

MacLeans magazine looks back on the 2008 Canadian election

ANC rifts continue

The International Herald Tribune reports that Mbhazima Shilowa, one of the ANC's more respected officials and a supporter of Thabo Mbeki, is to join the splinter group led by former Defense Minister Mosiuoa Lekota.

Aceh leader returns to tension

The International Herald Tribune reports that the return of the 83-year old leader of the Aceh independence movement Hasan di Tiro will do little to settle tension on the Indonesian province.

Climate cost disquiet in Europe

The International Herald Tribune reports that Italy and Eastern European nations are getting queasy about the economic cost of proposed climate policies.

Infant mortality rankings shock "first world"

When it comes to infant mortality rates the New York Times reports that so-called second world nations in 1960 are now well ahead of the so-called first world.

No fair! GOP's gone bananas

The LA Times Rosa Brooks says the desertion of the Republican presidential ticket by the GOP's best and brightest only leaves the loonies left to argue with.,0,4661274.column

Tuna too cheap in Japan

The Japan Time's nature correspondent argues the price of Tuna in Japanese markets does not reflect the risk of fishing out the species.

"Gaijun" mindset is killing rural Japan

The Japan Times on how even Japanese suffer from a culture of indigenous xenophobia

Sanlu Satire

China Digital Times translation of satire by Xiao Qiang on food, drug and clothing contamination in China

Monday, 13 October 2008

One in six US homes financially 'underwater'

The Wall Street Journal reports mortgages on one in six homes in the US are now greater than the valuation


Numb and stumbling

The Wall Street Journal on the lessons from 1929-32 and the psychology of loss.


Obama's new fans: working class women

The Wall Street Journal on why Obama is gaining and McCain is shedding support

Working Class Women switch

Hong Kong to supplant New York

The Christian Science Monitor compares the two financial centres

Hong Kong new finance centre

US Debtor, China Creditor

China holds US$2 trillion in US debt. The Sydney Morning Herald speculates about what that might mean.

China Creditor

Global shipping rates plunge

The Bangkok Post reports that shipping prices have plunged following the financial crisis

Shipping Rates

Pakistani inflation worry

The Pakistan times editorialises on the impact of inflation in that country

Pakistan inflation

Gaza banks close to collapse - Blair

The Jordan Times reports mid-east envoy and former British Prime Minister warning that Gaza's banks may collapse

Gaza banks fears

Russians roll out new nukes

The Moscow Times/Reuters reports on test launches of the new Topol intermediate range strategic missile.

New Nukes

Ouch ! Russian Oligarchs burned

The Moscow Times reports even Russia's super-rich have been hammered by the crisis


The Iraq Campaign with Gen David Petraeus

Der Spiegel interviews the author of the surge strategy and finds him 'coldly realistic'.

Spiegel interview

Deforestation costs more than financial crisis

Der Spiegel looks at the environmental costs of deforestation

Deforestation costs more than financial crisis

The Arctic contest heats up

The Economist says Russia's diplomacy in Iceland signals a determination to win the race for resources in the high North

The Arctic contest heats up

Publish and be wrong

The Economist suggests scientific publishing is falling victim to hyporama.

Publish and be wrong

The Parrot is back

The Parrot was just having a short nap. The 50,000 volts was unnecessary!